Squonk mods are all the rage right now! Combining
beautiful, unique designs unlike anything seen in vaping, with brilliant
usability thanks to their built in juice bottle and easy refilling of
your bottom feed RDA. Squonk mods have been around for years, but thanks
to advancements in 3D printing technology, Squonk mods have made it to
the mainstream, and now are more affordable than ever! With a plethora
of unique gorgeous designs arriving almost every week! From 3D printed
squonk mods, to hand crafted Stabilised wood squonk mods, we carry as
many high quality, durable mods as possible.

At Vaping Wizard we value quality and rigorously ensure all our products
are tried tested and pass our quality standards, all our box mods must
meet a certain standard or we wont sell it!