Aisu Aloe Vera 60ml shortfill 70VG/30PG


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Aisu E-Liquid from the makers of ZAP!
Aisu, with authenticity and
clarity of flavour, recreates that classic Japanese experience, with
fresh fruits and cooling ice bringing you a step closer to the Orient!

AISU E-liquid

Blackcurrant – A forest fruit blend, with an icy twist. On inhale, the blackcurrant flavour is both sweet and slightly sour, mimicking the real thing, whilst a menthol flavour on exhale brings an additional sweetness for a smooth finish.

Blue Raspberry – A sweet taste throughout. The blue raspberry flavour creates a sugary inhale, with a juicy aftertaste, which when combined with menthol notes culminates to a taste similar to a blue slush drink.

Green Apple – A strong fruit aroma that’s replicated in its taste. Crisp notes of slightly tart, apple flavour characterise the inhale, which plays well with the menthol exhale that creates a cooling sensation that lingers after every vape.

Mango – A fusion of tropical fruits with an icy twist. On inhale, a sweet mango flavour develops to create a ripe aftertaste, combined with cool menthol notes on exhale, for a fresh and clean tasting finish.

Melon – A well balanced blend; on inhale, a bold melon flavour that’s sweet and has a sour edge to it, develops to create a juicy aftertaste. This is combined with menthol notes, for a cooling exhale that adds depth.

Cucumber – A mellow taste with a cool exhale. The
cucumber is light with a herbal profile that has a sweet and crisp
flavour, ice compliments the cucumber for a fresh aftertaste

Cactus – An unusual blend featuring a floral yet
sweet taste. A light yet crisp cactus flavour is present from inhale,
combined with a cooling ice on exhale.

Dragon Fruit – The dragon fruit flavour is sweet on inhale with a tart note. On exhale, ice provides a cool balance of taste

Aloe Vera – A mix of sweet and sour with a cool
finish. The aloe vera has an authentic sweetness to it that plays
towards bitter, with a floral aftertaste, the ice creates a chilly

Pink Guava – Combines a delicate fruit with ice. The
pink guava flavour is sweet bordering on tart with a sugary note; the
ice adds a cool wave for a smooth aftertaste.


Capacity – 50ml (60ml Shortfill)

Nicotine – 0mg

Ratio – 70VG/30PG

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