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Aisu NIC SALT By Zap!

with authenticity and clarity of flavour, recreates that classic
Japanese experience, with fresh fruits and cooling ice bringing you a
step closer to the Orient!


Available in 10mg and 20mg Nicotine Strength.


Flavour Menu:


Aloe Vera
the water current as you drift through the warm countryside, with sweet
(and sour) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch the river. With our
unique Aloe Vera flavour, it will take you on a journey.


on the back of the giant serpent as you taste his delicate fruit, with
the cold wind filling your lungs. Traverse the skies with our authentic
dragonfruit flavour.


Blue Raspberry
the cool shade of a fruiting bush, while lying on a gentle hill. As you
gaze out at the passing/inspiring view that would relax any calm soul.
With our authentic Blue Raspberry, you can watch the world come to you.


Pink Guava
the pink blossom tree as you inhale the sweet and tarty scent from the
sweetest fruit at the top of the tree and exhale for smooth ice blast as
you descend. Without authentic Pink Guava, you’ll see the seasons


through the dark undergrowth by the orange glow of dusk. With the sense
of adventure behind every tree in the cool night. With our authentic
Blackcurrant, you’ll find your own hidden world.


into a refreshing dream, as a clear blue wave washes over you, cleanse
your body and soul. Leaving you feeling natural and pure. With our truly
authentic cold cucumber, you’ll be reborn.


Green Apple
through the orchard in the bright yellow light of dawn. And relieve
your sense with the fresh taste of spring. With our Green Apple, you can
wander for days.


a new inner-peace as you meditate under a mango tree, with a cool
breeze blowing from your lungs. With our smooth shave ice mango flavour,
discovery harmony.


the earth between your toes and the sun on your back. As the farmers
work their fields, taste the refreshing cool juice of their harvest/
labours. With our authentic melon, you can discover the simple life/




Nicotine Salts Strength (mg)


Nic Salts by ZAP Juice

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