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The Aspire Tigon coils are designed for the Tigon e-cig kit. Available in either 0.4ohm, 0.7ohm, or 1.2ohm resistance options, the Tigon coils can cater to both direct lung and mouth to lung vaping styles, plus the push-fit system makes changing the coils fast and efficient.

The 0.4ohm and 0.7ohm options offer a more open draw, ideal for low strength nicotine e-liquid, whilst the 1.2ohm option provides a more restricted draw which is well suited to high strength nicotine or nic salt e-liquids.

Wattage guidelines

Aspire recommends using the coils at the following wattages:

0.4 Ω Direct-to-Lung Coil: 23-28 W
0.7 Ω Mesh coil: 20 – 25 W
1.2 Ω Mouth-to-Coil: 10-12 W


Which coil should I use?

The Aspire Tigon 1.2 Ω coil is best for a Mouth-to-Lung vape and for use with e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio in the region of 50:50, while the the Tigon 0.4 Ω coil is best for a Direct-Lung vape and for use with e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio in the region of 70:30. The Tigon 0.7 Ω coil uses a mesh design which lasts longer than non-mesh coils with the same resistance, and offers a great balance between great flavour and vapour production.

How long does the coil last?

Coil life depends on many factors, including how long you puff for, the e-liquid you use and the wattage you use your coil at. Low resistance coils such as the Tigon 0.4 Ω coil, are used at higher wattages and do not last as long as low resistance coils such as the Tigon 1.2 Ω coil.

You can extend coil life by priming the coil before usage (see product care), by using e-liquid with the right VG:PG ratios, but not going above the recommended wattage and by topping up your tank so that the coil never dries out.

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