Aspire Tigon Kit


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Aspire Tigon Vape Kit

Aspire’s Tigon kit is a simple and compact all-in-one device which
offers a fantastically-versatile vaping experience combined with
unbeatable portability.

At just 123mm in height, the Tigon is small enough to carry around in
your bag or pocket to ensure your nicotine cravings are kept at bay at
all times. A 1800mAh battery offers unbelievable power which lasts all
day long with normal to moderate use, fuelling big vapour clouds and
rich, clear flavour.

The Tigon kit comes complete with the new 2ml Tigon tank, which is
compatible with two interchangeable drip tips to accommodate different
inhalation styles. A long drip tip with a small bore hole is ideal for
the restricted, mouth-to-lung style of vaping experienced when smoking a
traditional cigarette. A second drip tip included with the kit is
shorter in size with a wider bore hole and offers an airier vape with an
unrestricted draw, more reminiscent of the inhalation style experienced
when using a higher-wattage sub ohm device.

There are two compatible coils supplied with the Tigon, each offering
a different vaping experience and allowing you to tailor your kit to
reflect your personal preferences. A 1.2ohm coil is perfect for
mouth-to-lung vaping and performs especially well when paired with the
elongated drip tip option and used between 10-12 watts. A second coil is
rated at 0.4ohm and provides a loose, airy draw which mimics that of a
sub ohm device. The 0.4ohm coil option performs at its best when used in
higher wattage modes between 23-28 watts.

The Tigon tank also boasts an extremely innovative and efficient
design feature which completely revolutionises the way you refill your
tank. Rather than having to empty the remaining e-liquid from your tank
or wait for the e-liquid to reach a certain level before changing your
coil, the Tigon tank effectively seals the wicking holes when the coil
is removed and prevents e-liquid from escaping or leaking out. This
ground-breaking technology also allows you to change your coil without
having to turn the tank upside down, making for a cleaner, more
convenient experience and giving you the freedom to switch between coils
whenever you please.


1 x Aspire Tigon
2 x Drip Tips
1 x Aspire Tigon 1.2ohm Coil
1 x Aspire Tigon 0.4ohm Coil
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
Spare O-Rings

Specifications: Size: 123 x 23mm / Battery Capacity: 1800mAh/ Tank Capacity: 2ml / Power: 3.3-4.2V / Power modes: Bypass


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