Fantasi Grape 70/30 E Liquid 100ml


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Fantasi Grape E Liquid

Fantasi has made a real name for themselves with their perfect
recreations of fruity soft drinks. Fantasi Grape E Liquid is
manufactured and trademarked in the UK. Our juicy Grape E Liquid
captures the essence of the exotic grape soda pop in a sweet and fruity
e-juice. A satisfying dose of cooling gives you the feeling of sipping a
cold can of refreshing grape soda. Grape E Liquid is a sparkling
alternative to the usual grape vape juice.

Useful Information

This E Liquid is made with a 70/30 mix (70% VG to 30% PG). As VG is
thicker than PG, you’ll need a high powered Sub Ohm device to ensure the
E Liquid is vaporised correctly.

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