Fantasi Mango 70/30 E Liquid100ml


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Fantasi Mango E liquid

When it comes to refreshing tropical fruit soda, mango is the king
and our UK-made Fantasi Mango vape juice captures all its sweet, exotic
goodness! Achieving the perfect Mango E Liquid, isn’t easy; you want it
sweet, but not sickly; fruity, but not zesty. Well, we’ve worked hard
mixing, testing and balancing the taste to give you everything you love
about luscious, ripe mangoes along with their distinctive smoothness.
Then, to achieve that fizzy soda taste, we’ve added a touch of sparkle
and a dash of cooling. All of this makes Mango ejuice a great all-day

Useful Information

This E Liquid is made with a 70/30 mix (70% VG to 30% PG). As VG is
thicker than PG, you’ll need a high powered Sub Ohm device to ensure the
E Liquid is vaporised correctly.

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