R And M Tornado 8000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device

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R And M Tornado 8000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape is a fantastic vape kit that is rechargeable despite being disposable. It comes with an in-built battery of 850mAh capacity and offers you up to 8000 puffs. It is a prefilled vape device with a 2% Nicotine Salt concentration.

R And M Tornado 8000 has an e-liquid containing 20mg Nic Salt in 2ml liquid thus, it is TPD-compliant. It has an
airflow system that you can adjust according to your preference. You can easily use this rechargeable disposable vape as it is simple to use and a pretty stylish device.

You do not have to change the coil or
refill the e-liquid as R And M Tornado 8000 is a disposable device. The
additional feature is that it is rechargeable so you can recharge the b
battery to enjoy the last puff of your
disposable vape. You can charge it with a Type-C charger and keep in mind the precautions while charging it.

R And M Tornado 8000 has
a Mesh coil in its tank. Mesh coils are very suitable for vape devices
as they help in delivering a better flavour and amazing cloud. They have
better wick-to-wire contact and offer more surface area to the
e-liquid. So, mesh coils also produce bigger clouds and more vapours.

R and M Tornado Vape Charging Instructions:

You should be careful about the following things while charging the battery:

  • Do not leave the battery for charging overnight.
  • Do not charge it with more than 1 Amp current source.
  • Charge your battery with a Type-C charger.
  • Connect the USB cable to your TV port, game console or laptop.

 Specifications of R And M Tornado 8000:

  • Nicotine Salt Strenght: 2% 
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml 
  • Puff Capacity: up to 8000 puffs
  • Air Flow Control
  • Type-C Recharge
  • Battery Rechargeable
  • Integrated Battery Capacity: 850mAh
  • Mesh Coil
  • Available Flavours: 10

R And M Tornado 8000 Rechargeable
Disposable Vape device comes in ten different flavours. All these
flavours will make your vaping experience delightful as they all are
refreshing and exciting.

RANDM 8000

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  1. Vape 🫶🏽 (verified owner)

    Excellent vape and quick delivery 👌 top quality

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