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  • 10ml
  • Nicotine salt formulation
  • 50VG/50PG

About Vampire Vape Heisenberg Nic Salt E-Liquid:

When it was initially released, Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg
became a fan favourite overnight. Since it’s conception hundreds of
variations have popped up, but the original will always be the best!
Now, experience the iconic sub-zero fruit blend with a new and improved
nicotine salt formula. 

Vape’s Heisenberg is now available with a nic salt formula, which makes
the liquid much smoother on the throat when vaped, even at higher
strengths. Nic salts also provide a longer-lasting, more powerful rush. 


Pinkman is a sweet flavour jam packed full of a wide variety of mixed
fruits. This 10ml e-liquid is refreshing with an intense flavour, which
tastes of the freshest fruit juices. Pinkman is bursting with natural
wild fruits, making it one of Vampire Vape’s best-selling e-liquids. Get
yours in a compact 10ml bottle for filling while you are on-the-go, or
try our Pinkman Nic Salts if you are looking for a sharper, long lasting
nicotine hit to help curb cravings.


Heisenberg has been crowned the Daddy of all day vapes! This award
winning e-liquid is a fruity sensation of mixed red berries topped off
with a cool menthol breeze. Experience the ice cool crystal kick as the
intense flavours of ripe fruits burst through. The fruit to menthol
ratio has been perfectly balanced, making this e-liquid great for vaping
all day long.


Blood Sukka E-Liquid is a sweet berry mix of ripe red fruits, summer
berries and juicy cherries. This explosion of flavour is enhanced by a
hint of eucalyptus and a dash of menthol, making the overall taste full
bodied and fresh. Blood Sukka also includes a sweet trace of aniseed
which gives a hearty throat hit when paired with the ice-cold menthol


Vamp Toes e-liquid is a classic cordial inspired berry flavour with
hints of blackcurrant notes. Taste the sharp hit of ripe raspberries and
fresh grapes blended together with blackcurrants, which make this juice
packed full of flavour and a top all day vape contender. Based on the
well known juicy drink, Vamp Toes will leave a refreshing mixed berries
aroma which smells sweet and fragrant.


Smooth Western is a traditional smooth tobacco flavoured e-liquid. With
it’s strong classic flavour this juice closely resembles the taste of
hand rolled cigars and is great for helping those making the transition
over to vaping. This authentic tasting tobacco e-liquid is available in a
pocket friendly 10ml size and also in a 30ml flavour concentrate for
those who like to mix at home.


Bat Juice e-liquid is a fruity mixture jam packed full of fresh red
summer berries. Taste the rich mixture of strawberries, raspberries and
blackcurrants blended with a subtle hint of sweet aniseed. This 10ml
e-liquid delivers a cool burst of flavour which is enhanced by the taste
of wild fruity notes, making this e-liquid a great all day vape.


Berry Menthol e-liquid is a refreshing vape jam packed full of
raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This fusion of wild berry
flavours is contrasted by an intense minty kick which makes for a fresh
juicy vape. Taste the summer berries from around the world in this Berry
Menthol e-liquid and experience sweet cooling clouds.


Ice Menthol is a cool minty e-liquid with a strong burst of icy
freshness. This 10ml e-liquid is an intense blast of frosty menthol with
a sharp, crisp taste. Just like the cooling properties of chewing gum,
this e-liquid will cleanse your palette leaving you with a mildly sweet
after taste. Ice menthol is a great flavour on it’s own and will also
mix well with berry and citrus e-liquid.


Black Jack e-liquid is a sweet smooth e-liquid tasting of the retro
childhood candy. This mildly spiced liquorice and aniseed blend is jam
packed full of sweet flavours and has a sugary after taste. Pair with a
menthol e-liquid for a cool kick or vape on it’s own for a strong bold
taste of Black Jack sweets.


Attraction e-liquid is a mixed berry fusion with a burst of ice cold
menthol. Fresh red berries have been fused with ripe dark fruits to
create a refreshing summer berry mix. The menthol after taste
complements the fruity infused e-liquid, making Attraction a bold
tasting liquid which can easily be vaped all day long. Choose from a
pocket sized 10ml e-liquid which is easy to take on the go, or opt for
our 30ml Attraction concentrate for those who like to DIY.


Black Ice e-liquid is a candy inspired juice based on the iconic
Blackjack sweets. This bold flavoured blend of aniseed has a
sugar-coated taste with a minty kick. Upon first inhale taste the mildly
spiced liquorice similar to the classic sweet shop candy. On exhale
expect an icy breeze of cool menthol which complements the Blackjack
taste perfectly.


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